Data Analysis & Evaluation

Baltimore’s Promise uses data to continually identify, adopt, and scale up practices that improve outcomes. Data analysis and evaluation are central components of the five strategic work groups. A separate Data Analysis work group is dedicated solely to supporting and guiding this work.

As part of its initial charge, the Data Analysis work group sought to:

  • Support the development and release of the Baltimore’s Promise Baseline Report and subsequent annual reports.
  • Provide ongoing data support to the strategic outcome area work groups and related action teams.
  • Assist with securing appropriate data and developing data sharing agreements with gatekeeper agencies.
  • Promote consistent data disaggregation by race/ethnicity, gender, and other special populations.
  • Encourage the use of additional research methods to contextualize data.
  • Explore opportunities in Baltimore to create an integrated data system (IDS).

Progress to Date:

  • The Data Analysis work group established a shared measures framework for each outcome area work group.
  • A formal data sharing agreement between Baltimore’s Promise and Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS) was finalized.
  • A staff appointment was created at the Maryland Longitudinal Data System Center on behalf of Baltimore’s Promise via the Baltimore Education Research Consortium.
  • Baltimore’s Promise co-hosted an IDS symposium with the Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) in January 2016 with both local and national experts to explore the creation of an IDS in Baltimore. A blueprint of an IDS for Baltimore was created and work is ongoing.
  • Baltimore’s Promise co-hosted a Data Privacy Roundtable with AECF in August 2016, with both local and national experts, to explore the policies governing the ability to access and share data as we build an IDS, as well as the degree to which flexibility may exist.


  • Abell Foundation
  • Advocates for Children and Youth
  • Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Associated Black Charities
  • Baltimore City Citistat
  • Baltimore City Department of Social Services
  • Baltimore City Health Department
  • Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance
  • Baltimore Education Research Consortium
  • Carson Research
  • Chesapeake Partners
  • Family League of Baltimore
  • Goldseker Foundation
  • Governor's Office of Children
  • Impact Hub
  • Institute for Innovation and Implementation, University of Maryland School of Social Work
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Maryland Longitudinal Data System
  • Institute for Urban Research, Morgan State University
  • T. Rowe Price Foundation
  • University of Maryland School of Social Work